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(Duration 8days/4 weekends)


DREAMBELLS FILM & TV PVT LTD is glad to announce its next

photography workshop, starting 1st Feb 2020. 

Given our interest in lifelong learning and skill-development, we often ask people which new skills they’re looking to learn. The most common response? “I want to be a better photographer”.

And for good reason! Few things evoke the instant emotional response a great photo does. It’s what made Instagram worth a billion dollars to Facebook.

For those of you looking to kick their photography skills up a notch, We have curated the ultimate course and resources. So whether you’re a budding photojournalist looking toward a career behind the lens, or just a hobbyist looking to take better shots on your next trip, We are hoping you’ll find something very useful here!

Course Details:

Basics of Photography

Photography and related media

Natural/Studio Lighting

Shooting Indoors/Outdoors

Commercial Photography

Understanding your camera

Composition and Technique


Portfolio Making

Real On-ground Practicals

Pitching Clients


Fees: 12,000 INR

(including GST)

Location: Andheri West.

Register Now

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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