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  • Rudra D Pawar

Le Farm - Private lake view holiday home

I always enjoy travelling, and recently I visited this beautiful Private property called Le Farm, a holiday home rental nestled amidst 15 acres of mango farms in kamshet, Lonavala.

Its just just 2.5hours away from Mumbai and 1 hour from Pune. Its located on a hill, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and as you enter the property, at first you cross hundreds of Mango trees and then there is this exquisite looking vibrant yellow coloured Duplex bungalow.

Le Farm is a standalone property built on 15 acres of private land. The magnificent estate is located in Village Bhajgaon on the back waters of Vadivale Dam.

The interiors are exquisite, with a mixture of luxury and modern artefacts. The concept is to make the guests feel like home away from home.

The location is a rare confluence of nature’s bountifulness - nestled between hills, embraced by a river and a forest bordering its fringe. The simplicity of its location belies the wealth of adventure and discovery.

Le Farm is a unique experience of spending time at a modern farm. While one enjoys the plush amenities the connection with the nature is still very real, tangible and present. The rooms are designed to revel in the omnipresence of nature and hence every room opens to a marvelous, specific view of its own. The landscape will surely remind you of the breathtaking Scottish Highlands. The luscious green cover, placid lake and undulating hilly terrains, and a handsome farm make it a perfect holiday stay.

There are 6 rooms in the villa, with a kitchen and a living room. The tariff for the villa is as follows :

For the Entire Villa (Monday - Friday & Sunday): Rs. 40,000/- per day for 12 People For Extra Person: Rs. 1,500/- For the Entire Villa (Saturday and Public Holidays): Rs. 50,000/- per day for 12 People For Extra Person: Rs. 1,500/-

Apart from the luxurious stay there are things like live barbecue, music, on site tour- which includes mango plucking, Swing set or jungle gym and various other ammenities.

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