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Taj Mahal Tea House

Finally, the moonsoon is here. We can’t get enough of the clouds, the rain-washed landscape and above all, respite from the unbearable summer heat in the city. With rain comes innumerable thoughts that include snacks and sipping your cup of tea while watching the rain. To bring alive the monsoon cravings, Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea House has curated a Monsoon special.

My amazing experience at the Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea House started with a surprise, I was blindfolded to taste there signature monsoon special teas. So, I had to take in the aroma and tell the ingredients inside, one major ingredient to be precise. I was made to try three different teas, and I guessed all of them right. I live for food, how could I have not guessed it right !!

The place is simply beautiful, its romantic, its soothing and its very luxurious.

We tried :

Spiced Tulsi Toddy Style – A toddy inspired by tulsi which is known to be caffeine-free with hints of spices and honey.

Aldi Chai – A chai that brings alive the goodness of turmeric. Fresh haldi with hints of ginger, combined with jaggery and coconut milk gives a smooth and tasty flavour.

Chaiffee Caramel Foam – A marriage of the two of the most popular drinks in the world, Chaiffee is a delectable combination of coffee decoction and tea infusion served with our unique caramel foam.

After our Tea session, we tried some delicious food as well.

Tangy Chana Jor – Wheat puff, flakes, roasted garbanzo bean mixed with condiments and herbs and served in a papadum cone with jamun and green chutney.


Lemongrass Scented Samosa – Samosa filled with sweet corn, beetroot and lemongrass with garam masala hints served with pickled onions and a green chutney.


Vada Pav TMTH Style – Potato vada pan-fried in mustard oil and served in a crisp pao with dry peanut chutney and condiments.


The monsoon menu will be available at Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea House from July to September, 2017.

Cocooned in a charming, old-worldly Bandra lane, the Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea House is an oasis of calm. A quaint bungalow that retains its vintage look, the Taj Mahal Tea House has a meandering feel and is essentially a wind-me-down place. The language of tea is intrinsically woven into the various rooms, allowing one to browse through interesting constituents and while taking a step back in time. Every room has a different expression and the arrangements are like those in a home.


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