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  • Rudra D Pawar

KODE - Mumbai (new opening)

Splendid interiors, scrumptious food. KODE was a truly amazing experience. Their cocktail menu lists signature 3-course cocktails, all put together by ‘Liquid chef’. I started with the forgotten Petal Sour, a gin based cocktail served with Campari jelly in the shape of a soap bar. I also tried the Togarashi & Garlic Olives served with Chives Crème Fraiche and the Avocado Carpaccio. You cant miss out on the most delicious churros in town - Homemade Churros. Another amazing cocktail was the Life of Pie. Shitake & Greens Quesadillas and Corn Curd & Asparagus Tempura pockets were quite delicious as well. for desserts i tried The deconstructed Black Forest with maraschino cherries and later The Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta. Overall the place is a must visit for food enthusiasts and food lovers. 

Location : Kamla mills, Lower parel

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