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  • Rudra D Pawar

SS HOMME | Bespoke Menswear

Real luxury is understanding quality, and having the time to enjoy it.

When you first think of Bespoke Menswear, what comes to your mind? Savile Row in all it’s glorious sartorial sovereignty or the eccentric be-speckled English professor in his tweed waistcoat and tailored trousers who looks like he’s from another era? This need not be the case. As seeped in tradition as bespoke tailoring may be, it is now presented through a contemporary lens, for the au courant gentleman.

Bespoke is a British term that refers to something that is custom-made or made to order and is frequently used synonymously with mens customised suiting.

Model : Rudra D Pawar, Photographer : Hardik Kalyani

Shirt ZARA Price on Request. Watch DIESEL ₹18,000. Shoes Jack&Jones ₹4999. Sunglasses H&M ₹799.

SS HOMME : Green Suit (2 piece) ₹80,000. Brown Duffle Bag ₹40,000. Horse Silver Lapel pin ₹15000. Blue & brown tie ₹15,000. Pocket square ₹6,000.

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