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  • Rudra D Pawar

The Man Company

India's Premium Mens Grooming Essentials

The Man Company creates the most awesome Men’s grooming products. Let's be honest here, Indian men are the most underprivileged men in the world as far as grooming is concerned.

Ingredient Story

Ingredients built for the Indian men

The Man Company products are an amalgamation of elements carefully crafted to provide for an enriching experience. They rejuvenate mind and body, whether venturing into the jungle or breaking goals in the boardroom.


  • Chamomile

Nature’s big bad wolf which eats dandruff and ensures a healthy scalp for the perfect feeling when your loved one ruffles your hair.

  • Brazilian Rosewood

Grown by the tribes of the Brazilian Amazon comes this extreme ingredient that is at once both soothing and nourishes your hair follicles with the superiority of its rich Amazonian healing properties.

  • Argan Oil

A hard nut to crack, the Argan Nut grows in the driest sands of Morocco and its secreted oils are as an oasis in a desert, replenishing and fulfilling for your scalp to the core.

  • Black Pepper

Black fights black. Black pepper helps you get rid of those ever-annoying blackheads. It’s rich in anti-oxidants and lightens the skin tone so that you are all set for your date or the board meeting.

  • Aloe Vera

Gentleman, if tripping on weekends in the outdoors is your thing then make sure you are all covered by Aloe Vera. It hydrates your skin all day and protects you from all that tan. Call it your natural SPF.

  • Bergamot

Forget spraying those deodorants every couple of hours. Bergamot gets the jobs done naturally and effectively. Its natural aroma and antiseptic properties keep those germs away and compliments pouring in all day.

  • Ginger

It’s flavoursome in the kitchen and far more effective when it comes in contact with your skin. Zing up your persona with ginger’s anti-ageing and anti-bacterial properties. Look 18 till you die.

  • Tea Tree

A man loves to be in control. Why be different when it comes to your skin. Control excess oil with tea tree that drives away pimples and puts you in command.

  • Mint

Cool, calm and collected, that’s the best way to describe mint. Gentlemen, it’s not just your muscles that need toning, your skin needs it too. Nobody does it better than mint with its natural astringent properties that revives your skin.

  • Lime

A slice of lime can do the trick for all you men out there. Its amazing skin rejuvenating properties gets rid of all those cloggy pores. The citrus aroma keeps you feeling active 24X7.

  • Coffee

Nothing like a cup of coffee to kick-start your day. It’s even better in the shower with its amazing skin exfoliating features. Coffee clears away dead skin cells and increases blood circulation. Plus, its rich essence recharges your senses.

  • Patchouli

It is earthy yet aromatic in its essence. No wonder the herb is widely used during meditation for its calming influence. It can be quite handy after a long day at work. Gentlemen, now that’s what the doctor ordered. Works like scotch, gentlemen.

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